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19th Century Willowbrook Village

Willowbrook Museum

Two historic houses and their barns, a reproduction schoolhouse and bandstand, an 1894 steam engine powered horse carousel, an 1849 Concord stagecoach, and a picturesque millpond and waterfalls are a few of the many things to see at this restored country village. Plan to spend at least 3 hours once you arrive. Bring a picnic or enjoy lunch at our sandwich shop and ice cream parlor.

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This Weekend:

Timber Framing Class in progress.


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We are open during our season from Thursday thru Monday, 10AM-5PM. Our season runs from July 1-October 10

Museum Admission:

$15 for Adults 19+

$12 for Seniors 65+

$8 for Children 7-17

Free for Children 0-6

Groups of 8 or more are $10 each.

Members are Free

A carousel ride is included with admission.

The carousel runs 11:30, 1:30 & 3PM.

Free admission to active servicemen and women and their immediate family.

2016 Season Calendar

July 27-31: Timber Framing Class in progress; witness hand built, mortise and tenon timber frame construction.

August 13: Country Fair Day; Maine Antique Power Association early, operating gas engine presentations and a concert by the Centennial Serenade Band ( 19th c. brass band)

August 15-19, Fiber Arts Camp

August 20: Bean Supper; Silent Movies: Westerns, Abenaki Draft Horse Club--Horse Carriage Rides.

August 27 & 28: Silent Movie Weekend

September 13: National Glidden Antique Car Show at Willowbrook! Maine Antique Power Association presenters.

September 17: Painted Pony Party: Dinner, Silent Auction & Music; Tickets For Sale.

October 2: Ash Sunday ( White Ash Tree Woodcraft Day) part of Southern Maine Woods All October programming.

October 8, 4:30-6:30: Ocktoberfest! (Fundraiser Dinner & Music) Tickets For Sale.

October 10: Season Ends

We will be offering classes to individuals and groups throughout the off season. Those class offerings are listed below and on our blog.

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        Visit our blog for more details about our summer classes, summer camps, special events and our collection. Use the search engine in the right column for specific inquiries.

        Our April, 2016 Newsletter here






        2016 SUMMER CLASSES at Willowbrook

        Call 207-793-2784, or email us with a phone contact. Classes fill fast. We take credit cards over the phone for payment. Pay to reserve your place in a class.

        See our BLOG for photo images of past classes and more information here.

        Contact us with your interest about the following classes:

        Aug. 11-15, 9-2 Fiber Arts Camp, Ages 8-100.

        • Bring your own lunch or enjoy lunch at our Sandwich Shop
        • Witness sheep shearing
        • Card and clean wool
        • Dye wool using natural dyes
        • Make a drop spindle
        • Learn to spin raw wool
        • Weave on a barn and lap loom
        • Wool felting projects
        • Foot treadle sewing/hand sewing
        • penny rugging

        Wed. - Sun., July 27-31, 9-4PM. Timerframing Class: Mortise and Tenon

        Under the tutelage of veteran woodworker and builder Ed Somers, you will learn mortise and tenon framing techniques using hand tools over five days. You will also use power tools. You will review framing styles, construction strategies, and engineering as well as measuring and scribing, and maintaining your set of tools, strategies for moving and positioning lumber of varied dimensions, and techniques in cutting precise mortises and tenons. Using rough cut pine, a framework for a one story 18' x 28' structure will be completed. It will serve as a museum workshop/classroom building at a museum in Orrington, ME where it will be raised and sheathed. Housing for you is available for 4 nights and 5 days dormitory style at a hundred year old mill house on a waterfall next to the museum ( this is worth the experience alone). Breakfast and lunch each day available at our restaurant. You can bring your own tools or we can provide (borrow or buy). It is receommended you at least own your own set of chisels to learn to sharpen. Class: $425 (Scholarships Offered); Housing: $325; 5 days of Breakfast & Lunch: $175. More Information here

        Sat. & Sun., Aug. 20 & 21, 9-3. One Day of Making A Propane Burning Blacksmithing Forge & One and Half Days of Knife Making. Create a blacksmithing forge from a used propane tank, metal stock, and high temp. refractory cement. 10 PSI burner with black metal pipe gas/flame delivery system. Involves cutting, drilling and welding (we do that) metal. Create mold and pour cement. All materials provided. One day (9-12Noon) forge, $275 (If you only want to take that). A day and a half of knife making with this class ( not sold separately). For the two, forge making and knife making weekend: $375. More Details Here

        Woodstove Cooking, Baking and Sauerkraut Making. A class for moms and daughters/sons or dads too. This class will involve getting the stove started in our Victorian kitchen and then participating in all the steps of an old fashioned midday dinner. Yes, you will eat what you prepared. You will take away two Mason jars of sauerkraut and some leftovers!

        Foot Treadle Sewing Machine Sewing: Learn to sew on a circa 1915-1925 foot treadle sewing machine, which, other than the power source, is similar to modern electric machines. You will thread a bobbin and needle and complete several projects.


        Recent Projects

        We are always in need of volunteers, call (207) 793-2784):

        Mobile 1920s Silent Movie Palace

        Through partial funding through a Maine Humantities Council Infrastructure Grant, a mobile theater enclosure was created with plywood contructed boxes to a height of 72 inches and trompe d'oeuil mural painting. The project has been aided by the Women's Re-entry Program of the Maine State Corrections Dept. in Alfred, ME. The silent movie theater is available to all visitors this 2016 season featuring ongoing silent movies at 11 AM and 1PM each day in the Red Barn Building.

        Restoration of Antique Gas Engines

        In 2015, Willowbrook started offering antique gas engine repair classes. Under the tutelage of instructors and antique gas engine mechanics and collectors Russ Welch and Doug Kimball, students have assisted in bringing many of the museum's early gas engines back into operation. Our most recent projects and class in March, 2016 focused on a 1916 7HP Economy engine, a 5 HP Sandwich engine and a 1 3/4 HP Fairbanks Morse. These in grogress progrects can be seen in the Machine Shop behind the Trafton House.  See details

        Model T Cord Saw Restoration

        With the assistance of women from the Women's Re-Entry program of Maine State Corrections in Alfred, ME under the supervison of CTI Chuck Hayden and work done by volunteer mechanic/sawyer par excellence Tom Bragg, Willowbrook is re-wooding a circa 1922 Model T cord saw created by a Maine farmer for the purpose of cutting firewood into lengths. This rig is the embodiment of Yankee ingenuity with its repurposed frame, undercarriage, engine and front end of one of these famous Ford cars. There is a governor that regulates the speed of the saw blade and a conveyor belt made from a barn cleaner chain among its many features. The rig is part of The Curran Homestead Living History Farm and Museum collection; it will be used as a working exhibit at events this 2016 season at Willowbrook. Much thanks to Tom Bragg of Kennebunk for sawing up white oak for the purpose and re-conditioning the engine and some of the original sheet metal. See details

        Marsh Hay Sled Restoration

        With the restoration of the The Curran Homestead Living History Farm and Museum bobsled we also completed some restoration of one of Willowbrook's ownbobsleds. The snow vehicle has an interesting original c-shape roofed cab for its driver. The sled was originally used to collect marsh hay during the winter months. The work involved re-wooding the two front bobs in white oak as well as the construction of removable passenger benches for use during our winter events. See details

        Logging Bobsled Restoration

        It's been a  number of year's since Willowbrook has taken on a large scale restoration like the 17 foot logging bobsled we recently finished. The rig is from the collection of The Curran Homestead Living History Farm and Museum in Orrington, ME. Through a partnership this museum paid for and secured materials for the project. Willowbrook organized the labor that included women from the Maine State Corrections Re-Entry Program in Alfred, ME to do much of the project. Volunteers and one paid staff member completed some of the work.The bobsled was used by Willowbrook and the Curran Homestead this winter. See details

        Gigantic Pinhole Camera

        For the purpose of our recent summer history camp in which our young camper created a pinhole camera, a gigantic version of a pinhole camera was created by our staff so that visitors may enter and experience a camera obscura.  This project was sponsored in part by a 2014 Maine Humanities Council grant. The box is completely devoid of light. A pinhole at the front allows light and a projection of imagery in front and outside the box to be projected upside down on a hand held piece of white foam core paper. Depending on how close the foam core is held inside and in front of the pinhole will determine how finally focused the camera is. Our young campers were especially amazed by this. The pinhole camera is on display for your use in the Durgin Barn. See details

        Turn-of-the-Century Machine Shop

        This project was made possible by partial funding from the Narragansett Number One Foundation. Also, Limington Lumber made a generous donation of building materials. We used this shop for our March 19 & 20 antique engine class setting up a gantry Crane within to lift a 1200 pound 1918 7HP Economy gas engine. See details. The Model T cord saw and other recent engine projects will be on exhibit here this 2016 season.

        Willowbrook's New and Operating Apple Cider Mill

        A circa 1870s twin screw apple cider press and grinder that has long been in our collection has been thoroughly restored and made operatable. Cast in Waterville, ME, the screws have been mounted in a new wood 10-inch beam freestanding framework through partial funding from the Narragansett Number One Foundation in Bar Mills, ME and the Davis Family Foundation of Yarmouth, ME. The hemlock  timbers were mortise and tenoned with hand tools and the construction is secured with hand cut pegs. The press and the grinder sits more than nine feet tall and is partially powered by an 1870s horse treadmill that is, on occasion, operated by school field trip visitors. The press is under a roof with a cupola and sits on a concrete slab thanks to a partial donation of materials from F.R. Carroll Cement. See details





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